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My name is Bernard Kaplanian and I am

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About me

After an extensive experience in the diplomatic service that lasted almost a decade, and an expertise in logistics, I decided to embark on a new journey in the crypto world.

My first investment in cryptocurrencies in 2017 has turned out to be a scam which made me eager to acquire a mix of technical skills that would allow me to make future investments safely and solidly.

I have been investing in a full-time job ever since, marked by an ongoing market research and analysis of cryptocurrencies to determine opportunities and barriers in the ever evolving blockchain landscape.

Today, and after navigating closely through the cryptocurrency market, I highly believe that my knowledge and set of skills would be an added value to crypto investors, by sparing them the costly experiences and granting them a safe experience, with the help of innovative designed programs.

My goal as a consultant is to support people who are interested in the market but lack the practical know-how to get started:

I will be educating you by sharing valuable insights and mapping out your experience flexibly while assisting you with your concerns.

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Bernard W. Kaplanian

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